“Sirls sets the narrative hook deep with intriguing characters and a multi-layered plot that asks you to ‘only believe’ when everything else tells you not to. Prepare to laugh! Prepare to cry! Prepare to be inspired and renewed!”

— Gail Welborn, Midwest Book Reviews

“Readers everywhere will identify with these characters’ experiences. An incredible story of second chances and seeing the bright light of Christ shine through in the darkest hour. William is using his own second chance at life to remind us of God’s love. This is a must-read for anyone who needs a reminder of what God asks of us: only believe.”

— Pete Wilson, pastor and  author of Plan B and Empty Promises

“The Reason is one of those rare books whose characters reach off the pages and take you by the heartstrings. It demonstrates an unwavering faith in God that was an inspiration to me.”

— Kimberly Brown

“If you are a believer, The Reason will fortify your faith and reassure you of God’s constant love and incredible power. If you are not yet a believer, this book will open your eyes to the possibilities of God that can manifest in any and every part of our lives. God loves you and wants the best for you. I have learned throughout my life—and this book reaffirmed this—that God shows up in the most incredible ways and in the most unexpected places. This book delves into the heart of the matter that truly amazing things can happen in both the physical world and the spiritual world … if you ‘only believe.”

— Chris Sonksen
Lead Pastor of South Hills Church
Founder of Celera Church Strategy Group
Author of In Search of Higher Ground and Handshake

“The thrumming question of faith– how can there be a good God in a world so full of pain beats at the core of the book. A page turner that is not easy to put down. By the end of The Reason, you will understand that question in an entirely new way.”

— Kay Campbell, The Huntsville Times

“A skillfully written first novel with the narrative voice, knack for dialogue, and plot movement of a veteran author.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Sirls pens a uniquely touching novel filled with memorable characters. Although the book is sometimes sad, the ultimate story about believing God even when things don’t make sense shines through every page. Hope resonates throughout the tale, and the realistic characters and situations can’t help but draw the reader closer to the Lord. Humorous moments lighten up situations that could be heavy.”

— RT Book Reviews

“The Reason will serve as a reminder that God wants us to do our part, to only believe, and to leave the outcome (good or not) to Him because He, ultimately, always knows what’s best!”

— Jacqueline Lynch
Associate Pastor at Loma Linda University Church


Indie Success Story: The Grace and Redemption of William Sirls
by Lynn Garrett, Publishers Weekly – Nov. 6, 2013
“In 2011, William Sirls signed up with WestBow Press, the self-publishing arm of Thomas Nelson, to publish his first novel, The Reason. After going through the editorial and production process, he had 100 copies printed 90 days before the official publication date that September, giving away 35 to family and friends and sending 65 to churches to ask for reader feedback. Expecting maybe 10 responses, instead Sirls received more than 200.”

Fiction Review for The Reason
by Publishers Weekly – July 16, 2012
“This is a skillfully written first novel with the narrative voice, knack for dialogue, and plot movement of a veteran author.”

Coming in late 2012 from Thomas Nelson
by Rel – March 18, 2012
“Looks like readers are in for a treat with these late 2012 releases from Thomas Nelson (check out their new look website). I can’t wait to read Jim Rubart’s book and William Sirls’ sounds fascinating. Always love Denise’s books although the cover is disappointing. The covers for The Reason, Soul’s Gate, The Spirit Well and If We Survive are terrific ~ I just wish we would see something different for the books aimed at women. I certainly in the demographic for those books but I’m one who would like a little cover variety! That said, I love the winter aspect of Dorothy’s cover.”

Debut Novelist Finds Unique Path to Publication
PRNewswire – Oct. 26, 2011
“Sirls, who began writing a novel in 2004, shelved his story after he made the decision to turn himself in to authorities and spend 29 months in federal prison, convicted of wire fraud and money laundering. While in prison, Sirls began to understand what it meant to have a true relationship with God. Inspired by his developing faith, Sirls picked up his original manuscript and began creating a spiritual backbone to his novel.”

Author Originally Set for Self Publishing Lands Multi-Book Thomas Nelson Contract
by CBA News – Oct. 25, 2011
“In a town just 25 miles southwest of Detroit lives a man whose gift of storytelling landed him the opportunity to share that gift with the world. William Sirls of Gibraltar, MI, has just signed as the newest fiction author at Thomas Nelson, Inc.”

Nelson Nabs Would-be WestBow Author
by Publishers Weekly – Oct. 20, 2011
“A first-time author who was headed to Thomas Nelson’s WestBow self-publishing imprint instead will have his first novel published by the Nelson Fiction imprint next summer. William Sirls’ faith was strengthened while serving time in federal prison for money laundering in 2007. Prior to turning himself in to authorities, Sirls had written a novel and then re-wrote after getting out of prison.”